Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Rainy Days

According to many, it's absolutely dreary outside!  They sky is a dull shade of gray, and it's raining a steady, gentle drizzle as I type.  Even though the kiddos can't take their usual outside break, and are a little on the funky side, I'm glad for the rain. 

We desperately need it in the Ozarks.  Our total rainfall is down for the year.  This gives us crunchy grass to walk on, and because of the lack of moisture, the trees won't have their usual bright Autumn display. 

I love the smell of the rain.  It refreshes and cleanses.  It's deliciously cool and leaves shimmering sprinkles on my arms.

"Living Water, rain down your life on me.  Cleansing me, refreshing me, with life abundantly.  River full of Life, I'll go where You lead.  I will trust in You, I will trust in You, my God."

"There is a Fountain, who is the King.  Victorious Warrior, and Lord of Everything.  My Rock, my Shelter, my very own ~ Blessed Redeemer, Who reigns upon the throne."

Who Can Satisfy My Soul? by Dennis Jernigan.  Album:  Hands Lifted High

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